Simmonsigns Provide Durable Solution For Subway Lighting

No matter the time of year, subway underpasses can seem fairly daunting to pedestrians, particularly if effective lighting is not being used. Sometimes, these areas are unavoidable and it is essential that everyone feels safe when travelling to their next destination.

To help combat this, Simmonsigns have developed and manufactured the Safe-Way; a subway underpass lighting system that is specifically designed to effectively illuminate these areas and provide high visibility at all times.

Many factors can affect the safety of a subway underpass, including the weather. Without strong lighting, the result of poor weather conditions can turn dark walkways into potential hazards. As a highly vandal-resistant product, the Safe-Way remains a reliable source of light to reduce the chances of injury in these areas and provides an extra level of security.

Our Safe-Way subway lighting in action

Indeed, such is the effectiveness of the Safe-Way that Hertfordshire County Council have chosen to install it in subways across the county, including Argyle Way. With the obvious lack of daylight, they acknowledged that these areas should be sufficiently lit to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at all times which would, in turn, encourage people to use the many useful cycleways and footpaths throughout the county. 

Why the Safe-Way is the perfect solution

There’s no denying that subways are particularly prone to vandalism. But, as with all Simmonsigns’ products, the Safe-Way is designed to be extremely durable, acting as a reliable, secure product that guarantees to deliver high levels of visibility throughout the year. 

It also includes carefully designed features, making it easy to maintain and outstanding value for money.

If you want to know more about the benefits and features of our Safe-Way subway lighting, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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