Pedestrian Crossings

Ensuring the most vulnerable in society are able to cross the road safely is of vital importance. Simmonsigns achieves this with a range of high quality products that meet industry standards and substantially improve the visibility of pedestrian crossings throughout the world.

Modupost pedestrian crossing post


The Modupost is an illuminated, high performance, vandal-resistant pedestrian crossing solution. It comprises a robust corrosion-resistant base section, an LED illuminated stem and a post top LED Belisha beacon.

Simmonsigns Solabel Belisha Beacon with Shroud


The Solabel is a thoroughly tested solar-powered Belisha beacon, designed for reliable off-grid installation, free of any cable network requirement.

Simmonsigns ModuCIC Clear Beacon Globe


The ModuCIC is a tough, vandal-resistant beacon providing improved road safety for both pedestrians and road users.

Moduspot Belisha beacon


The Moduspot is a Belisha beacon spotlight achieving maximum visibility for pedestrian crossings, ensuring the safety of those crossing the road.

Modubel Belisha beacon


The Modubel is a tough, vandal-resistant Belisha beacon providing improved road safety for both pedestrians and road users.

Midustar Belisha beacon


Providing outstanding day and night time visibility, the Midustar features high intensity LEDs that flash in order to capture attention at an early stage.

Modustar Belisha beacon


Outstanding day and night time visibility for improved pedestrian safety at uncontrolled crossings.

Centrenol Belisha beacon


The Centrenol offers a 24V AC LED illuminated white beacon and post section, which retrofits onto new or existing centre island posts.

Simmonsigns Passafe NAL Bracket In The Ground


A demountable 114mm post system based on the industry tested Cab-Ex ducted foundation, designed to enhance road safety and reduce ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.

Midubel Belisha beacon


The Midubel is a tough, two-part vandal-resistant Belisha beacon providing improved safety for road users and pedestrians.