Traffic safety bollard

  • ce
  • ip67
  • led
  • low energy
  • low voltage
  • recyclable

An illuminated, single piece, moulded retro-reflective bollard, our Lumiflex combines a bespoke polymer base light with a patented dust seal that maintains light output over time.

Traffic bollards play an extremely important part in keeping our roads safe and the Lumiflex is no exception. Not only does it act as a filter structure for vehicles, it also becomes a directional system, removing any potential confusion and clarifying the road layout. This particular product is both illuminated and reflective, making it highly visible, ensuring its effectiveness throughout any weather, during any time of year.

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Given the natural location of road traffic bollards, it is essential that they are durable products to ensure they maintain their shape and function in the event of any accidents. As a flexible bollard, the Lumiflex’s high quality design means it will retain its shape, structure and function upon impact.

More about the Lumiflex

  • Patented lens dust seal reduces dirt build-up on the lens maintaining light output
  • Available in 300mm aspect
  • Please note: 600mm aspect version currently unavailable
  • Flexible bollard body achieving impact class 100/NE/4
  • The 12mm waterproof venting system avoids condensation issues
  • Independent anchor system maintained IP rating of the base
  • Large base aperture ease of access
  • Polymer base is lightweight and easily recycled
  • One piece bollard moulding - no mechanical parts to fail
  • Rebated bollard panels protecting from impact and vandalism
  • Bespoke base light has consistent lighting uniformity
  • High sheen, porosity-free finish, easy clean bollard

If you would like to find out more about our Lumiflex, please get in touch with our team by calling 01952 293333.