• ce
  • easy clean
  • reboundable
  • recyclable

As a modular reboundable chevron system with proven durability, the Insight is an ideal solution for highly visible, stable road sign requirements.

Due to its close proximity to busy traffic areas, it is essential that the sign is durable and can withstand impact in the event of any collisions. Our design ensures that the product is highly visible at all times but, should any accidents occur, it will revert to its original form, recovering effortlessly from vehicle impact.

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Our Insight reflective road sign modular is a reboundable chevron system with proven durability. The robust design has high impact resistance, returning to the upright position following any impact. The blade return units are also individually mounted & can be easily replaced if damaged.

During the development process, it was rigorously tested on a concrete surface by our team of professionals who found it to be functional despite multiple impacts.

Why choose the Insight?

  • Reflective graphics meeting the requirements of BS 8408:2005
  • Reboundable design has proven field impact resistance, returning to its upright position following any impact
  • Modular design is configurable to all site requirements
  • Tough UV stabilised polymer blade return unit remains operational over a wide range of temperatures
  • The blade return units are individually mounted and can be easily replaced if damaged
  • Choice of surface or trough mounted applications
  • Available with or without fluorescent borders

If you would like to find out more about the Insight, please get in touch with our team by calling 01952 293333.