Invinca VAS

Road Messaging

  • ce
  • ip55
  • led
  • low energy
  • low voltage

Our high quality vehicle activated sign (VAS) features high definition graphics, data collection, Wi-Fi communication and optional power systems. The INVINCA VAS speed activated device delivers a clear message to approaching drivers, displaying their speed as a means to actively encourage safer driving.

Embedded in our proven INVINCA sign system, the INVINCA VAS adds the latest technology to a recognisable piece of road signage, providing interactive feedback to drivers.

The one piece UV stabilised moulded body is black, with an inset 5mm high impact polycarbonate protective panel in front of the LED display.

  • Speed indicating device
  • High definition graphics
  • Wi-Fi communication
  • 384mm x 384mm screen size
  • Data collection to internal memory
  • Low energy consumption
  • Weather resistant to IP 55
  • Fully recyclable