Traffic Safety Bollards

Acting as an early warning of upcoming hazards, traffic bollards provide drivers with valuable decision-making time.

Simmonsigns’ market leading traffic bollards provide advanced warning by visibly highlighting hazards and clearly defining the upcoming road geometry. Our traffic safety bollards have a proven track record and they are designed to stand the test of time.


The Weebol is a tough, reboundable and reflective highway traffic delineator for vulnerable locations.


A passively safe reflective bollard, delivering outstanding high speed impact resistance and durability.


The Simbol was created from first principles to be a base lit flexible bollard.


The Contour has been carefully designed to allow it to flex, concertina into itself and recover on vehicular impact.

Guide Post

Enduring vandalism and vehicle collision, the Guide Post is a proven traffic safety sign system.


An illuminated, single piece moulded retro-reflective bollard, combining a bespoke polymer base light with a patented dust seal that reduces light depreciation over time.


The Global baselight is a proven, thoroughly developed bollard lighting system that endures the rigours of roadside abuse and allows simple effective maintenance.

Global Plus

The Global Plus bollard base has an optically engineered LED light engine. This light engine is designed to reduce energy consumption and extend maintenance intervals.