The history of road safety at Simmonsigns

Simmonsigns was established in 1985 by Ken and Jill Simmons who recognised how important the quality of product and ease of maintenance is when designing solutions for safer roads, both for the contractor installing and maintaining our products, and the road users who rely on the solutions we provide to guide and warn them of hazards. In 1988, Ken and Jill were joined by their two sons, Phil and Mark, who continue to provide the road safety market with a range of solutions that perpetuate those original design criteria.

In 1993, Simmonsigns was certified to the quality standard ISO9001 (or, as it was back then, BS5750) and in 2008 we were certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001.

2001 saw Simmonsigns move into our current home at Stafford Park 5, Telford, consisting of 36,000 square feet of design, manufacturing and stock holding space.

When in 2010 Ken and Jill decided to reduce their involvement in the day-to-day operation of Simmonsigns, Phil Simmons took over the reins and became our Managing Director and has since then gone on to become the Executive Chair of the holding company Salop Holdings.

Simmonsigns continues to this day, offering our customers a diverse range of high quality products including illuminated and non-illuminated road traffic bollards, signs and sign lights, school warning lights, Belisha beacons and pedestrian crossing lights, posts and subway lighting, all of which combine our latest low energy LED technologies to support the environment and offer a low cost of ownership for road safety solutions.