Road delineators

Acting as a guide for traffic, road delineators are an ideal solution to alert drivers, pedestrians and motorists to any upcoming potential risks, such as a workforce in operation or any changes to the road’s usual layout.

As a flexible lane divider, the Lane-Flex delineator is the first word in quality, durability and performance, having impressed the examiners at the Texas Transport Institute by surviving over 50 impacts by a car travelling at 65mph.

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Available in 300mm, 450mm, 750mm and a new 1,000mm high, there is a model to suit most applications.

The Lane-Flex is the product of a design evolution that has put it well ahead of its nearest competitor. Material selection and design features enable the Lane-Flex to endure the harshest conditions and punishment.

With replacement and maintenance representing the ongoing expense of most devices of this kind, Lane-Flex significantly reduces those costs with whole life savings through extended performance and reliability.

Why choose the Lane-Flex?

  • Tough and durable
  • Whole life cost savings
  • One piece moulded polyurethane construction
  • High performance reflectors
  • Bolt down, glue down or removable socket fixing

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