Smart Pulsa

School patrol warning lights

  • ce
  • ip54
  • led
  • low energy
  • low voltage
  • recyclable
  • solar

As an LED school crossing signal with a two year programmable timer, our quality Smart Pulsa uses an extremely robust enclosure and fixing system, together with a long-life, low energy LED light source, to provide continual and effective warning to vehicles around school areas. Designed in accordance with TSRGD - Ref 4004, the system is virtually maintenance-free and has a proven history of vandal resistance. Offering a long service life, alongside a very low running cost, the Smart Pulsa has a proven history of successfully alerting road users to reduce their speed and be aware of children in nearby school areas.

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Whilst all our products are designed to improve the safety of our roads, the Smart Pulsa is a strong investment for areas with schools. The alternating, flashing lights instantly draw attention, with the amber colour acting as a natural warning to all road users that the area should be treated with care. Encouraging vehicles to slow down, children, parents and other pedestrians are able to cross roads with confidence, whilst the Smart Pulsa itself is sure to last, thanks to its highly vandal-resistant features.

Benefits of the Smart Pulsa

  • Long-life LED operation
  • Two year programmable calendar
  • 5W power consumption
  • Manual override options
  • IP54 rated for reduced maintenance
  • Solar option
  • Simpod controlled for calendar data transfer

Simpod programming kit

The Simpod is a purpose-designed data transfer device, allowing computer generated switching information to be downloaded and taken to site. Once on site, the Simpod uses ZIGBEE wireless technology to communicate with the nearest Smart Pulsa and uploads the switching information without the need to open the unit. The Simpod is supplied with serial cable, USB adaptor and software.

If you would like to find out more about our Smart Pulsa school crossing signal, please get in touch with our team by calling 01952 293333.