Warning Lights

We offer a full range of warning lights including school patrol warning lights and 'No Entry' warning systems.

Our high quality range of school patrol warning lights aim to make our routes to schools safer. Our LED Pulsa units remind vehicles and drivers that they are entering an area that is busy with children and pedestrians.

We also supply a unique road safety solution by using our tried and tested LED Pulsa as a way to augment static no entry signs. Our Pulsa No Entry warning system is the last line of defence in helping to avoid road traffic accidents.

All of our road warning lights has been carefully designed and manufactured in the UK and can be trusted to deliver the safety critical message to all. Visit the links below to find out more information about our range of warning lights or contact our road safety team who will be happy to help assist you.

Solar Powered Pulsa School Crossing Product Image

Solar Pulsa

Designed for reliable off-grid installation, the Solar Pulsa features a low visual impact design solar panel.

Solar Powered Pulsa 4x4 School Crossing Sign Product Image

Solar Pulsa 4×4

The Pulsa 4×4 is a reflective school warning sign with flashing high intensity LED corner signals available in various sizes and configurations.

Pulsa No Entry Warning System

Pulsa No Entry

With alternating flashing LED lights, the Pulsa No Entry acts as an immediate warning system to indicate that people should not drive down the slip road ahead

Pulsa LED

An LED School Crossing Signal, utilising an extremely robust enclosure and fixing system, with long life, low energy LED light source.

GPRS Web Connect

Our GPRS Web Connect is a web connected programmable switching device providing desktop control of remote road safety equipment by using a compatible internet browser.

Pulsa GPRS

An LED School Crossing Signal with an Internet based programming system using GPRS mobile communication technology.

Smart Pulsa

An LED School Crossing Signal with a 2 year programmable timer, utilising an extremely robust enclosure and fixing system, with long life, low energy LED light source.