An introduction to sustainability at Simmonsigns

Protecting the environment is more important now than ever and we are committed to  looking at ways we can achieve this.

At Simmonsigns, we continually review all aspects of our business to help us become a more environmentally sustainable company. We are helping customers reduce their carbon footprint with our range of solar-powered road safety products.  

Looking closer to home, here are some examples of the commitments and activities we currently have in place within the business to help us achieve our goals.

Our commitment to sustainability

In manufacturing and delivering our products

  • We have an ongoing programme to reduce our carbon footprint in the manufacture and assembly of our products
  • As technology has improved, we have been able to use fewer LEDs, reducing power consumption
  • We design and manufacture for longevity and sustainability

Within the business itself

  • We are currently reviewing our overall energy usage to see how we can make our headquarters more energy efficient
  • Our business managers with company vehicles drive hybrid cars and the most recent addition to the fleet is an all-electric car
  • We encourage our team to help reduce emissions

Reducing plastic

  • We have made changes to our Belisha beacon packaging to reduce single-use plastic waste
  • We discourage our team from bringing single-use plastics on to our premises, and mixed recycling points are now in place throughout the building
  • We use paperless ordering and invoicing, and we accept orders electronically

Reducing paper

  • As part of our work to reduce our use of paper, we have made huge strides with recycling and only printing documents when absolutely necessary 
  • A significant milestone for us is the recent introduction of a QR code sent with all our products to replace the traditional printed user guides. The QR code signposts customers to all our digital guides in the Resource Centre on our website

Results to be proud of!

This is what we’ve achieved through our recycling programme:

  • 96% plastic waste is recycled
  • 100% of metal waste is recycled
  • 88% of hazardous waste is recycled

This is just a snippet of the many efforts happening every day.

Discover more about our journey to becoming a more eco-friendly business.

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