Simmonsigns Reduce Paper Usage By 10,000 Sheets Per Year

As part of Simmonsigns’ ongoing waste reduction initiative, we recently reduced our reliance on single-use plastic by redesigning the box our Belisha beacon was dispatched in.

Our focus has now turned to the thousands of printed installation guides we send out with all of our road safety products.

Previously, once an order had been fulfilled, the correct installation guide was printed and included in the box so that the end-user had the document to hand when installing the product. According to our research, these guides were rarely being used. We felt that a few simple changes would help to reduce our reliance on paper.

LUA sign light installation guide now digital

Starting with our range of sign lights, the updated product packaging now features a QR code on the outside of the box. This code can be scanned on a mobile device which directs the user to a dedicated landing page on our website. Here, electronic copies of the latest installation guides can be downloaded or viewed online as and when required.

All of our detailed installation guides can be easily found via our website if the QR code is not available. Simply search for the product and the relevant guide will be available on the product page as a download to be viewed as a PDF.

This initiative will be rolled out over the coming months to all of our products. We have set ourselves the target of saving over 10,000 sheets of printed paper per year.

Got a question about one of our products? Get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to help.

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