Simmonsigns are here to help ensure school safety

As the country eases the Covid-19 lockdown rules, we are facing new safety challenges every day. From the gradual increase in road usage for both cars and bicycles to more pedestrians and social distancing initiatives being put in place across busy town centres and shopping outlets.

Through the Covid-19 crisis, Simmonsigns has remained open, delivering solutions across the country to support the safe continuity of vital supply lines on our highways. Now, as we return to the ‘new normal’, our services will continue to be available when you need us.

We have been delivering effective solutions for safer routes to and from schools for over two decades. Streets around schools are often busy with parked cars and traffic at peak drop-off and pick-up times, so it is vital that road users are made aware of potential hazards.

As schools reopen and a daily routine returns for many of us, we are supporting initiatives across the country with our range of Pulsa school warning lights.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality road safety equipment that is easy to install and requires minimal ongoing maintenance. Our tried and tested range of Pulsa crossing signals feature a long-life, low energy LED light source which is clearly visible at any time of day.  The robust design offers a long service life alongside a very low running cost. We also offer a solar-powered Pulsa warning light for zero energy consumption helping towards reduced carbon footprint.

Our Pulsa GPRS version includes internet access offering the user full remote, multi-location control of calendar programming and switching, plus the capability to receive real-time reporting and fault notification, all from either a computer or smartphone.

If you already have a Pulsa and require updates or want to check that calendars and timings are set correctly, please contact us today and we will be pleased to help ensure your vital safety measures are in place.

For more information about all of our safety solutions, please call 01952 293333.

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