Modupost – An Illuminated Pedestrian Crossing Post

Our aim at Simmonsigns is to design and manufacture products that help make our roads safer. One area in particular that is extremely exposed, and therefore the most vulnerable to incidents, is a pedestrian crossing.

We have a selection of pedestrian crossing products that are specifically designed to make the approach to these areas much more visible, both day and night, subsequently encouraging drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and reduce their speed accordingly.

One of these products is our Modupost; an illuminated pedestrian crossing post topped with a flashing Belisha beacon to really draw attention. 

Benefits of our Modupost

This illuminated post performs to a high level and is vandal-resistant, making it a cost effective and low maintenance solution to illuminating pedestrian crossings.

The high visibility element is due to a bright LED illuminated stem which is not compromised by wear, thanks to its robust corrosion-resistant base section.

Additionally, should high level pedestrian crossing lighting be required, we can supply the Extended Modupost, which comes with a 3 metre extension post, together with a two-part, mid-post LED Belisha beacon to offer the customer a 6 metre mounting point for their lantern of choice.

All light sources are long-life and low energy LED, and this, together with the fact it can be accessed quickly and easily for maintenance purposes, firmly establishes it within our range as a cost effective and low maintenance pedestrian crossing product.

If you would like to find out more about our Modupost, please get in touch with our team.

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