Insight – A High Performance Reboundable Chevron System

Road messaging systems are an important aspect of our product range. Conveying important information to drivers is an essential part of road safety – not only does this need to be done quickly (so that drivers have a chance to process the information) but it must also be thorough and effective.

The Insight is a reboundable chevron system which has been developed to withstand vehicle impacts and offers a quick and easy replacement of blades (in the event of any damage) making it the perfect installation for roundabouts, sharp bends and road deviations.

Highly visible and reflective, the Insight meets stable road sign requirements; a perfect solution given its proximity to high levels of traffic.

Testing the Insight

All of our products are thoroughly tested and the Insight is no exception. As you will see in the video, our team of professionals carried out impact tests of 10mph, 20mph and 30mph. Upon impact of each test, the Insight returned to its original state within seconds, remaining fully functional. Indeed, after 15 impacts, the Insight – whilst displaying some surface damage – was still standing and able to serve its intended purpose.

To discover more about the benefits of the Insight, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of road safety experts.

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