Celebrating 20 Years Of Service

Simmonsigns is pleased to recognise and congratulate both Malcolm Weir and Eric Woodhouse who both reached their 20 years of service anniversaries in August.

Eric started in product development and moved into new business development and export activities that has led to a long career in Export. This has allowed Simmonsigns to supply road safety solutions throughout the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.

Malcolm joined at the same time as Eric and began his career with us in roles that included business systems, stores and production assembly, contributing to the high quality and longevity of our products.

Both have seen the business develop greatly in size, moving from Horton Wood to our current 30,000sq ft head office and production facility in Stafford Park, Telford.

The product range has also evolved significantly as well to incorporate our latest LED Modustar beacons and Invinca VAS Speed Activated Devices, for example.

Managing director John Halliday said, “We are very grateful for the many years of contribution and, whilst looking forward to a few more, we would like to wish Eric and Malcolm our congratulations.”

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