Safe-Way – Highly Vandal-Resistant Urban Lighting System

Whilst not directly affected by vehicles, subways and underpasses remain part of our road system and require as much attention to safety as anywhere else. As part of our mission to make these areas safer, we develop and manufacture a selection of products that are specifically designed to improve subway lighting. One of these products is the Safe-Way.

By design, subways naturally lack daylight and so the Safe-Way is our underpass lighting system which provides high visibility for these darker areas. Additionally, as places that can be frequented by more anti-social behaviour, the light generated by our Safe-Way can even help to deter this. Not only that, it is also highly vandal-resistant, able to withstand attacks and tampering. 

Designed by our team of road safety experts, and tested by professionals, the Safe-Way is a durable, reliable and cost-effective subway lighting system that guarantees to deliver high levels of visibility throughout the year.

Take a look at the Safe-Way in use

Over the years, we have installed many of these to help improve safety in underpasses – here are just a few links to case studies from across the country where we have installed our Safe-Ways:

To find out more about the Safe-Way, together with the benefits it offers for subway areas, please feel free to get in touch with our team of road safety experts.

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