Solabel touches down at London Stansted Airport

Product: Solabel

Location: London Stansted Airport

At London Stansted Airport – the UK’s fourth largest cargo airport – Solabel is helping to keep employees safe as they work 24/7 to process 280 tonnes of cargo every year.

The solar-powered Belisha beacons, fitted with low energy LED beacon lights, are installed at eight sites in the cargo area after it was identified that the existing pedestrian crossings for workers required better visibility, especially at night when the area is continually busy with vehicles on the move.

This low maintenance, off-grid, renewable energy solution also helps the airport with its investment in energy efficient low carbon technologies. Having reached its aim of becoming carbon neutral, the airport has now set its sights on achieving net zero carbon by 2038.

Airport cargo centres can be extremely busy and potentially dangerous places which can result in road safety challenges,” explained Duncan Wells, London and South East Area Manager for Simmonsigns. “I was delighted to be involved in the project to install the Solabels, ensuring the crossings are safer for everyone working at the cargo centre.

Duncan added: “We also understand the importance of playing our role in helping customers reduce their carbon footprint so we are very pleased that the solar power range combines top quality, all year round performance with environmentally friendly credentials.

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