Traffic Bollards Ready For Installation To Maintain Safer Roads

Throughout the past few months, we have continued to work hard to ensure that your traffic safety solutions are met and that products are available to meet your requirements. Our range of road safety bollards convey vital information to road users, whilst being designed to withstand the forces of being in close proximity to busy roads and fast-moving vehicles.

Many of our traffic bollards are in stock and ready for installation. Currently, we are holding stock of K/L Simbol shells and K/L Weebolflex bollards. For smaller quantities, we are also able to offer a next day dispatch while stocks are available.

As a flexible, base lit bollard, the Simbol is a fully recyclable product which is designed to resist tearing, reforming to its original shape even after multiple impacts with little or no distortion.

Similarly, our Weebolflex delivers outstanding high-speed impact resistance and durability. Its low maintenance nature, together with the fact that installation is quick and easy, helps to reduce traffic management requirements.

Road safety is vital now travel restrictions are being unlocked

Over the past few months, strict regulations have been in place regarding how we can interact with others, where we can travel and how often.

The most recent change, being this past weekend, set out that we can now travel further distances and even stay away overnight for the first time since March. With this development came an influx of movement on our roads, with people travelling further than has been allowed before now in order to achieve a sense of normality, visiting loved ones or experiencing a change of scenery.

Now, more than ever, with roads returning to their previously busier state, it is essential that effective traffic safety measures are present, clear and concise, providing important and informative messages to all road users in order to maintain safety for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

If you would like to find out more about our range of safety bollards or to enquire about quotes and availability, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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