Excessive Speeding On Shropshire Roads During Covid-19 Lockdown

Through our Local Authority contacts, we have become aware of a recent trend; that of a minority of drivers taking advantage of the quieter roads to speed excessively.

Our Invinca VAS speed indicator device gives a visual indication of the vehicle speed followed by a response that can be tailored to your needs. This can be a “Thank You”, a “Slow Down” or a smiley face.

In addition, the speed data captured on the Invinca VAS is retained within the unit. This data includes the date, time of day and speed of the vehicle.

The data can be downloaded using a Bluetooth connection on most types of devices. Once downloaded, the CSV files can be exported to an Excel file and used to produce various graphic displays and ranges of speed data.

During the lockdown, there has been evidence of individual incidents of very excessive speeds. These are captured within the data and can be identified in order to consider further action or responses.

If you’d like more information about our Invinca VAS speed indicator device, please contact our office on 01952 293333 or email sales@simmonsigns.co.uk.

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