Solar-Powered Warning Signals To Keep School Areas Safe

Our mission at Simmonsigns has always been to design products that help to keep our roads safe. This is even more important in areas used by the most vulnerable in our society.

With hundreds of excited children happy to see their friends, school areas are particularly at risk of accidents. Whilst we have a selection of school patrol lights and warning signals, two in particular are designed to keep children safe whilst simultaneously contributing to reduce our carbon footprint; the Solar Pulsa and the Solar Pulsa 4×4. 

Solar Pulsa

High performance coupled with a low visual impact make the Solar Pulsa a perfect solution for combating road accidents and helping to raise awareness around school areas. As a solar-powered product, it is robust, low maintenance and free of any cable network requirements. Tried and tested, installations of our Solar Pulsa mean we have seen a significant improvement in school areas across the country and the unintrusive solar panel enables the product to work all year round, ensuring vehicle drivers are made aware of an upcoming school and reduce their speed accordingly.

Find out more about the Solar Pulsa. 

Solar Pulsa 4×4

For that extra level of awareness, our Solar Pulsa 4×4 combines solar-powered technology with four high-intensity LED corner signals that flash alternately to really grab attention. It comes with a brightly-coloured visual sign to help reinforce the message, is highly visible to drivers at a distance and continues to be so as they draw near.

Find out more about the Solar Pulsa 4×4.

If you would like to find out more about these products, or to enquire about all of our school patrol lights, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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