Solar-Powered Belisha Beacon Tested In The Harshest Conditions

As a pedestrian crossing beacon, the Solabel is a unique product in the world of traffic safety.

Designed to help pedestrians safely cross the road, the solar element of this product has a low impact design, making it aesthetically pleasing (so as to blend in amongst urban environments) as well as ensuring the solar panel does not interfere with the beacon’s main functions.

During the design process, it was key to review the impact resistance to ensure durability and our Solabel is tested to IK10.

All of our road safety equipment goes through a robust testing phase during the design and development process, but the ultimate test comes once a product has been installed.

We are confident that our Solabel can perform in the harshest of conditions. Thanks to James M Anderson, we now have an installed test site located at their premises in East Kilbride and will be monitoring the results and performance with them as we move through summer, autumn and towards winter.

For more information about Solabel and our solar platform, please contact our team today.

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