Solabel; delivering top quality performance with environmentally friendly credentials

All customers who choose our solar-powered Belisha beacon, Solabel, are united in their need for a top performing product to keep busy pedestrian crossings highly visible, both day and night.

Our installations include London Stansted – the fourth busiest cargo airport in the UK – the Port of Tyne in North Shields, a distribution centre for retail giants ASOS, a Tesco supermarket in Cornwall and a primary school in South West London.

Other benefits highlighted by customers include:

  • Easy off-grid installation – There is no need to connect to mains power, saving initial costs and ongoing expense
  • Low levels of maintenance required for after installation
  • The renewable energy credentials of Solabel – A highly efficient solar panel delivers power to the long-life battery keeping the low energy LED beacon light running

At Tesco in Padstow, choosing Solabel gave the supermarket a low maintenance, off-grid solution which avoided the expense of installing mains supply in their car park.

As well as the savings in installation costs, it was the low impact, sustainable properties offered by Solabel which were key to the decision making process at the busy distribution warehouse and car park for online retailer, ASOS. XPO Logistics, who manage the site for ASOS, explained: “Solabel delivered our customer financial savings in the long term when set against running costs of a mains powered solution. Also, Solabel did not require lengthy disruption to install – with no need for groundworks to cable back to a power source. The beacons were operational and made our car park safer for pedestrians as soon as they were mounted on their posts.

For the Port of Tyne in North Shields – where the crossing serves the international passenger terminal for ferries to and from Amsterdam – Solabel was instrumental in meeting the port’s renewable energy strategy. Daniel Price, Assistant Civil Engineer, explained: “We decided to go ahead and purchase a solar-powered option from Simmonsigns as part of the Port’s green energy strategy. The beacon was really easy to install because there is no need for any mains power which was the ideal solution for us. I am very pleased with the aesthetics, performance and cost of the product.

Environmental considerations were also top of the agenda at London Stansted Airport where Solabel is installed at eight crossings in the cargo area operating 24/7. This low maintenance, off-grid, renewable energy solution helps the airport with its investment in energy efficient low carbon technologies. Having reached its aim of becoming carbon neutral, the airport has now set its sights on achieving net zero carbon by 2038.

We understand the importance of playing our role in helping customers reduce their carbon footprint,” explained Duncan Wells, London and South East Area Manager for Simmonsigns. “So we are very pleased that the solar power range combines top quality and all year round performance with environmentally friendly credentials.

At St Richard’s Primary School in South West London, the Solabel-inspired lights offer an additional benefit. The specially built battery-powered Belisha beacons installed on a mini pedestrian crossing in the playground are enabling the school to teach road safety awareness to the children in a realistic setting.

To find out more about the benefits Solabel has to offer, get in touch with our team.

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