Simmonsigns Supply Road Safety Products To Birmingham City Council

Simmonsigns has worked closely with our partner Marwood Electrical Company Ltd in providing good service to Amey on the Birmingham City Council PFI contract.

Now in its 8th year of a 25 year contract, we supply our high quality LUA sign lights, Invinca signs, Passafe posts and Centrenols. Weebolflex road traffic bollards have also been ordered as stock to ensure quick repair and replacement in the event of a knockdown.

To support this contract, Marwood Electrical has also placed stock orders with Simmonsigns to enable weekly supply of additional road safety products as required. The contract has already called off an initial 1,000 LUA sign lights in black finish to meet the City’s heritage specification.

Managing director John Halliday said, “Simmonsigns is proud to share an association with Birmingham City Council. Not least of all due to our location and affinity with the Midlands, but also knowing that Simmonsigns contributes to overall road safety within the region with our products.”

If Simmonsigns can support you too, please contact our helpful sales team today.

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