Our Retroreflective Bollards Are Making Roads Safer

Simmonsigns is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of road safety bollards. Our full product range features a diverse collection of traffic bollards and highway delineators.

Our market leading safety bollards provide an advanced warning by visibly highlighting hazards. Each one is carefully manufactured in our Telford office and distributed across the UK. Our traffic bollards have been designed to stand the test of time and have a proven track record of making our roads safer.

Durable reflective bollards help improve road safety

We offer a high quality range of non-illuminated bollards which are available with standard highway sign graphics, including arrows and road safety symbols. Each one is designed to clearly define the upcoming road geometry or notify a driver of any hazards.

We are also able to offer bespoke solutions based on your requirements. Contact us to discuss your options when it comes to unique, one-off retroreflective or illuminated designs.

Weebolflex retroreflective bollard

Our Weebolflex is a passively safe reflective bollard, delivering outstanding high speed impact resistance and durability. Manufactured using our bespoke polymer material, our Weebolflex is designed to reduce the risk of injury to person or damage to vehicles in the event of an impact.

Both our Weebol and Weebolflex bollards are easy to install and are fully recyclable. If you’d like to find out more information or to place an order please contact the Simmonsigns sales team on 01952 293333.

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