Simmonsigns Helping To Ensure School Safety As The Nights Draw In

In a few weeks’ time, the clocks will be turning back an hour. We are already seeing the effects of shorter days, with lights being switched on earlier and darkness beginning to draw closer as we leave work in the evenings.

Half term is only a few weeks away and once the children return, the journey to and from school will be noticeably different and the darker days will require road users to be extra vigilant.

Simmonsigns manufacture a range of school patrol warning lights that are specifically designed to make drivers aware of the presence of a school in the area, encouraging them to reduce their speed and take care where young children are present. Our systems make the upcoming routes to schools lighter, increasing visibility for both drivers and pedestrians alike, whilst raising awareness of the fact that the upcoming area is busy with children.

All our products are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Our Pulsa LED, for example, is an LED school crossing signal which utilises an extremely robust enclosure and fixing system, together with a long-life, low energy LED light source to ensure it is always operational and can withstand attacks of vandalism.

For a system that is environmentally friendly, our Solar Pulsa 4×4 is a reflective school warning sign with flashing high intensity LED corner signals that requires zero energy consumption thanks to its low visual impact design solar panel.

To discover what other school patrol warning lights are in our range, or if you would like to find out more about a particular product, please get in touch with our team.

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