Safeway Subway & Underpass Lighting Solution

Our Safeway LED lighting system is a tried and tested vandal-resistant underpass and subway lighting solution. The six security locking bolts ensure the front bezel cannot be tampered with or removed.

The new Ecosafelight gear tray located within the Safeway body offers a multi-level lighting control enabling the customer to increase or decrease lighting levels at the point of installation.

A dimmable CMS option is also available depending on the specific requirements of each customer. Not only delivering excellent light distribution, the Safeway also offers outstanding energy-saving and value for money when it comes to solutions for subway underpass lighting.

How safe are your subways?

A well designed and accessible subway will increase the feeling of safety for pedestrians. And in many cases, a well-lit and safe underpass can even decrease any unsociable behaviour.

At Simmonsigns, we can offer a full on-site survey of any subway and underpasses in your area. The survey will be followed up with a design service carried out by our qualified, in-house designer who will develop a bespoke solution tailored to customer requirements.

If you would like to arrange a survey, contact our sales team today at for more information or call 01952 293333.

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