Pulsa ‘No Entry’ Warning System Making Roads Safer For Over 17 Years

It has become a regular news headline that drivers are taking a wrong turn on motorway slip roads.

A fatal car crash on the M40 occurred after a driver failed to realise they had turned onto the wrong side of the busy carriageway. This unfortunate, and avoidable, accident highlights the need for an effective safety solution on our roads.

A successful option has been introduced in Northern Ireland. Our Pulsa ‘No Entry’ warning system has been added to ‘No entry’ signs at the bottom of the slip. The red warning lights augment the static sign, making it highly visible to drivers. This provides an extra layer of warning to try and avoid any dangerous manoeuvres.

A cost-effective way to increase the visibility of a ‘No entry’ sign

The Simmonsigns LED Pulsa is the ideal warning system for this application. The LED lights have outstanding visibility and proven durability. Installed for over 17 years, more than 300 Simmonsigns Pulsas have been working away 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for a total of over 149,000 hours each and no reported failures.

Eric Woodhouse, our Northern Ireland Sales Manager, says “The installation of our LED signals on ‘No entry’ signs over 17 years ago has produced results beyond our expectations. The savings in maintenance costs and the contribution to safety has been significant.

If you would like to find out more information about our Pulsa ‘No entry’ warning system, please contact our sales team online. Or you can discuss your road safety requirements further by calling 01952 293333.

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