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GPRS Pulsa & Solar Pulsa

Solar Traffic signs

GPRS Pulsa – This is a Smart Pulsa with a connectivity option which allows remote programming and interrogation from anywhere in the world, using the Internet.

Solar Powered, Smart Pulsa – standalone system with base or column mounted batteries. The battery system provides a compact energy storage system that can run for 5 days without charging. Our system has been designed for real life situations.
GPRS Pulsa & Solar Pulsa

More about Simmonsigns
Simmonsigns are a quality ethos traffic management company who have been providing solutions since 1985. They are dedicated to delivering excellence and enhancing the safety of UK roads for everyone. Utilising their experience, design capability, manufacturing control, careful selection of materials and quality suppliers they provide a wide range of traffic management products. They offer one of the largest selections of traffic bollards, sign lights, school crossing signs, pedestrian crossing solutions, traffic chevrons and traffic parking equipment online.