New EcoSafelight for Safe-Way

Simmonsigns have developed a new LED retrofit light unit for all Safe-Way installations and some other manufacturer’s units. An LED retrofit for our Hermit product will follow soon. The new EcoSafelight has a lower power consumption with an adjustable light output. The new system is quick and easy to install and comes with a 3 year warranty. EcoSafelight provides more than 50% energy reduction compared to previous PL units, with similar light output, giving you a fast payback. Where Salix funding is available, EcoSafelight meets the requirement in many cases. The unit has over 100 LED’s in strings of 4 which reduces the impact of LED failure. LED arrays can be easily exchanged for future improved, lower power units using its simple “click fit” installation.

The Safe-Way is one of the leading urban lighting systems. It is ideal where high resistance to vandalism is required or where access to the unit is a security issue. Typical installations include pedestrian underpasses, undercover car parks and stairwells. The new retrofit solution will now provide more light to these areas at a lower cost. Please click here to download the feature and benefits sheet.

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