Modupost – Illuminated Posts For Safer Pedestrian Crossings

One of our most popular pedestrian crossing products is the Modupost; an illuminated, high performance and vandal-resistant pedestrian crossing solution that encourages drivers to reduce their speed.

Simmonsigns are able to design, manufacture and supply products to all UK locations as well as to our overseas customers. Some examples of the Modupost installed at various locations across the country include:

  • London Borough Of Haringey – Back in 2021, the ongoing zebra crossing improvement project started as part of the capital investment programme to improve lighting throughout the area. Read more about the project here
  • Colchester Zoo – A redevelopment project during government lockdowns saw a new admissions building for visitors, enhanced car park facilities, new road safety measures and, therefore, improved zebra crossings in busy pedestrian areas. Read more about the project here
  • Central Six Retail Park – Coventry City Council’s Street Lighting Department opted to install our Modupost at the city’s busy site to serve as a warning to drivers that pedestrians may be crossing the road and to help improve road safety. Read more about the project here

Why choose the Modupost?

An effective solution when it comes to alerting drivers to the presence of a pedestrian crossing, the Modupost consists of a bright LED illuminated stem section to complement the post top Modubel Belisha beacon, which allows earlier awareness of the crossing ahead for drivers and pedestrians alike.

In the event that an additional pedestrian crossing road lantern is required, the post can be fitted with an extension and a two-part, mid-post Midubel Belisha beacon. In order to gain maximum visibility, the Modustar and Midustar beacons with additional external LEDs can be supplied with the Modupost.

If you would like to find out more about our Modupost, please contact our office.

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