Midustar & Modustar Belisha Beacon In High Demand

Simmonsigns is experiencing considerable demand for its high conspicuity road safety Belisha beacon. As a result, Marwood has placed a stock order for 50 Midustar mid-beacon globes in order to provide immediate support for projects across the country.

Our high quality Belisha beacons are tried and tested to meet the BS8442 luminescence and light source standards. Our Midustar beacon offers excellent visibility during the day and features automatic dimming for reduced intensity and energy consumption during the night.

Also available for immediate dispatch is our Modustar beacon. This bright and robust flashing beacon features a unique, vandal-resistant globe fixing system which can be retro-fitted to existing Modubel and Midubels.

If you require an urgent delivery of road safety beacons or would like to find out more information, please contact Cheryl Bailey on 01952 217961 for a quotation or contact our sales team via email.

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