Introducing The Pulsa GPRS Web Connect Remote Unit

At Simmonsigns, we develop and design safety solutions that improve Britain’s roads for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. We carefully manufacture each of our products to ensure maximum effectiveness and usability.

Throughout development, we work closely with our customers to ensure our products not only improve safety but also ensure easy installation and maintenance.

Digitally connect your sign lights for easy ongoing management

Our Pulsa GPRS Web Connect is a web connected programmable switching device that provides desktop control of remote equipment. The device simply fits onto your unit and provides a digital connection which can be programming offsite. It is ideal for replacing existing, manually programmed switching devices from most suppliers. This will increase the shelf life of your products and offers a cost effective way to upgrade your current assets.

After installing our Pulsa GPRS Web Connect in East Riding, the council’s street light engineer stated, “the reason we went for the GPRS Web Connect for our school units is because it is a low-cost alternative method of getting existing signs on a cloud based system.” They went on to say, “new signs hit our budget hard, so by using this digital system, we can bring older units that are still in good condition onto our monitoring system. This allows office programming and the ability to look for faults online or receive a warning by text/email message.”

Our Pulsa GPRS Web Connect can hold up to two years daily switching instructions deployed through the Simmonsigns GPRS Web Portal. Once programmed, the GPRS Web Connect will operate autonomously even if the GPRS signal temporarily fails. If a fault does occur, you will be notified immediately and the appropriate course of action can be taken.

Labour saving, energy saving smart sign Light Technology

Worcestershire County Council has installed our GPRS Web Connect on several sites throughout the county, explaining that, “A large number of our existing assets are located in rural locations, so to be able to remotely program the signs from the office will save us valuable time and resources.”

Where previously an operative would have been required to update and programme your sign lights, or a user would manually interact with a school crossing sign, the GPRS connection will be able to do this for you.

In more remote parts of the country where sign management is vital, but ongoing management can be costly, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that our GPRS Web Connect will be there to provide safe, ongoing updates to your isolated assets.

If you would like to find out more information about our Pulsa GPRS Web Connect sign light unit, contact our sales team today on 01952 293333 to discuss how this innovative product can help save you time and money. Or alternatively, come and see the device in action at the HEA Celtic Manor Exhibition on 1st November.

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