Improving Safety On Britain’s Roads

We make roads safer for everyone. As we head into winter, road safety equipment needs to be checked and in full working order. From illuminated bollards and road sign lighting, to pedestrian crossings and warning lights, Simmonsigns offer a full range of solutions that will help to keep people safe.

Introducing the new Moduspot Belisha beacon spotlight

The newest addition to our pedestrian safety equipment is our Moduspot Belisha beacon spotlight. The powerful LED spotlight has been designed to provide extra illumination and maximum visibility for high traffic areas.

The device ships pre-fitted to our Modubel, Modustar or Modupost Belisha beacons offering a simple solution that requires no additional installation time for road engineers. The crossing spotlight features a low energy LED light and is IP65 certified.

Illuminated & retro-reflective bollards available for immediate dispatch

In August 2020, we installed a new rotomoulding machine giving us better control of our supply chain and allowing us to become even more self-reliant. In turn, we can now offer a quicker turnaround on knockdown items such as illuminated and retro-reflective bollards.

Our Simbol illuminated bollard is a tried and tested traffic management solution that effectively guides traffic in the right direction. It is clearly visible in both night and daytime settings and is quick and easy to install should a knockdown happen.

The Weebolflex reflective bollard can be installed in almost any environment. Custom graphics are also available for all of our safety bollards including social distancing options, allowing for indoor and outdoor use.

Improve pedestrian safety all year round

All of our products are designed to withstand continued use and, where possible, have been developed with minimal maintenance in mind. Our subway lighting solutions are the perfect example of our commitment to lasting, high quality products.

The Safe-Way underpass lighting system has been created with efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance as key factors. The Safe-Way offers outstanding value for money when it comes to underpass lighting and is vandal-resistant. The robust design means it will offer peace of mind once installed and requires very little ongoing maintenance.

Now is the perfect time to review your road safety solutions and, if you have any questions, we would like to hear from you. Our expert team is available at or call us on 01952 293333 and we will be happy to help.

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