EcoSafelight – A Low Energy LED Retrofit Solution

Recently, we took a closer look at our reliable subway lighting system, Safe-Way, highlighting what makes it the perfect solution for durable lighting in these darker areas.

Following on from this, we want to focus on the EcoSafelight, which is the low energy consumption LED light engine within the Safe-Way.

Benefits of our EcoSafelight

Suitable as a retrofit for upgrading existing Safe-Way installations, our EcoSafelight geartray is a quality LED light unit that can also be fitted within other manufacturers’ installations.

When designing and manufacturing our products, many factors are kept in mind, such as reliability and durability. With the EcoSafelight, we also wanted to produce a system that would result in a lower power consumption. 

As an upgrade for existing Safe-Ways (and other popular units), the EcoSafelight is a cost-effective way of providing high quality lighting and high levels of illumination to subways and underpasses; notoriously darker areas that can be extremely hazardous due to many factors, including poor weather conditions, which means good visibility is essential.

Not only that, our EcoSafelight works on a lower power consumption rate, seeing approximately 50% energy reduction compared to equivalent PL units.

If you would like to find out more about our EcoSafelight, please get in touch with our team.

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