Weebol Bollards & Retention Sockets Installed At Refuge Islands In Kilmarnock

Client: East Ayrshire Council

Product: RS50x50 Retention Socket Non-Illuminated Weebol Bollard

Installation details: Reflective ‘Keep Left’ Weebol bollards installed at refuge islands in Kilmarnock to correctly filter traffic, whilst the addition of retention sockets means replacements can be made quickly and effortlessly.

In order to safely and effectively navigate road traffic around refuge islands, East Ayrshire Council have adopted ‘Keep Left’ Weebol bollards in Kilmarnock. The addition of the NAL Retention Socket system allows for the effortless replacement of damaged bollards, without the need for excavating foundations.

To ensure the continued safety of the roads in question, the local authority required a method that would enable a seamless replacement process in the event of bollards becoming damaged. As the bollards are fully demountable, simply using a key and a spanner allows the innovative NAL system to release the bollard from its socket in less than two minutes so that a replacement can be installed effortlessly and without affecting the safety of the road.

An additional benefit of installing the Weebol bollard is the reflective, one piece design. As no power source is required, it is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly replacement for traditional internally-illuminated products. As one of the most durable and reliable bollards, the Weebol’s reflective sign face is rebated, meaning it avoids damage during impact, making it able to withstand numerous knockdowns.

The combination of the Weebol bollard, together with the NAL Retention Socket system, means that, not only does the local authority save on running costs, but maintenance expenditure is also reduced, thanks to the lack of requirement for excavations and civil works for bollard replacements.

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