Solar LUA Illuminates Level Crossing Traffic Sign In Hartlepool

Product: Solar LUA

Authority: Hartlepool Council

Contact: Peter Nixon – Senior Traffic Technician

Site: Greatham Level Crossing

It is essential that all road users are made aware of any upcoming hazards on the road ahead. Level crossings are extremely dangerous and so Hartlepool Council wanted to ensure this area at Greatham was made known to all with plenty of advanced warning. 

An effective sign was in place informing drivers to stop when the lights were flashing, but in order to ensure total visibility, Hartlepool Council decided to install our Solar LUA traffic sign light. This solar-powered system effectively conveys vital information to road users, both day and night, using advanced technology batteries and a low energy LED light engine for dusk to dawn operation all year round. Additionally, the low impact design solar panel is environmentally friendly whilst aesthetically fitting in with the surrounding environment with ease.

Senior Traffic Technician, Peter Nixon, said “We needed to illuminate the sign near to the level crossing and it was difficult to get a supply to the column. We decided to install Simmonsigns’ Solar LUA and there were no obstructions for the south facing solar panel. We are very pleased with the outcome – the illumination of the sign is very good and what we expected.

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