Smart Pulsa Keeps School Roads Safe In Lancashire

Smart Pulsa Keeps School Roads Safe In Lancashire Smart Pulsa Keeps School Roads Safe In Lancashire

Product: Smart Pulsa

Client: Lancashire County Council

Contact: Ron Parker, Countywide Lighting Manager

As such a vulnerable area of our roads, Lancashire County Council understood the importance of ensuring school crossings were made highly visible to all drivers. It should be clear from a good distance that a particularly exposed area is upcoming and Lancashire County Council wanted to take steps to ensure drivers were made aware whilst simultaneously reducing their speed accordingly.

Our Smart Pulsa is ideal for meeting these requirements. With a proven history of successfully alerting road users to reduce their speed and be aware of children in nearby school areas, the school patrol warning light is also highly vandal-resistant, making it the ideal investment for Lancashire County Council.

Countywide Lighting Manager, Ron Parker, said “We were looking to install a safety solution outside schools across the county and funding was made available to install Simmonsigns’ Smart Pulsa school patrol warning light system, which is programmable and allows a two year active switching calendar. The alternating flashing lights instantly draw attention to all road users approaching the schools to be vigilant, reduce their speed to 20mph (whilst lights are flashing) and take extra care.

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