Illuminated Belisha Beacon Crossing With New Moduspot Spotlight

Client: Somerset County Council

Location: Taunton

Product: Modupost, Moduspot & Modustar Belisha Beacon

Somerset County Council Street Lighting Department expressed a keen interest in a trial installation of our internally illuminated pedestrian crossing safety solution, Modupost, complete with a highly visible Modustar Belisha beacon.

Additional lighting was required at the crossing to keep street furniture clutter to a minimum. This was achieved by installing our new Moduspot on each beacon post. The small LED spotlight sits at the top of the post to provide illumination at either entrance to the crossing, and crucially does not interfere with the functionality of the Belisha beacon.

To further maximise visibility, our robust Modupost post features bright, low energy LEDs raising awareness of the pedestrian crossing at all times throughout the day. The Modustar Belisha beacon provides further emphasis on highlighting the road layout to a driver.

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