London Borough of Islington Install Modustar Belisha Beacon

Client: London Borough of Islington

Product: Modustar Belisha beacon

Project: In July 2019, we were contacted by the London Borough of Islington to discuss a trial of our highly visible Modustar Belisha beacon. The Modustar, with its high intensity LED arrays, gives enhanced visibility, particularly on sunny days, to approaching vehicles and pedestrians alike and will provide a safer crossing point to a local North London school.

London & South East Area Sales Manager Duncan Wells commented “We are pleased with Islington’s choice of location for the Modustar beacons as this is very much in line with one of our key aims which is to deliver safer traffic solutions to schools and surrounding areas. Whilst the Modustar is already widely used throughout the UK, I am very proud to be working with the London Borough of Islington and look forward to future projects where we can assist them.

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