Invinca VAS Encourages Drivers To Slow Down In Merton

Client: LB Merton Council

Location: Southwest London – Merton

Product: Invinca VAS

By Simmonsigns’ London and Southeast Area Manager, Duncan Wells

In 2018, we introduced our new Invinca VAS speed indicator device to further support local authorities’ road safety. Using various high-definition messages, this post-mountable, roadside solution is designed to improve motorists’ speed by highlighting both the speed limit and a vehicle’s actual speed. Accurately measuring the oncoming vehicle’s speed, it displays the value to drivers, followed by a green smiley face or a red unhappy face for simple and swift communication of whether it is an acceptable speed.

In 2020, the London Borough of Merton installed their first device on their 20mph roads in the areas of Morden, Wimbledon Park and Raynes Park. This was followed by an additional Invinca VAS being installed the following year and we are delighted to say that the feedback has been positive.

With up to date radar technology, the Invinca VAS uses graphics that can be tailored to the customers’ needs. There is also the function to download data into Excel; the options for which include selecting a specific period of time or retrieving all driving interactions. This is enabled through the Wi-Fi capabilities which also allow customers to amend detection range, road speed limits, time and date.

The IK09/IP55 rating, along with the various mounting options, makes for adaptable and lasting installation, and the device can even be retrofitted to an existing post as shown in the images.

Duncan said: “It has been a pleasure supporting Merton’s 20mph speed limit strategy. A speed indicator device can be a cheaper alternative to introducing measures such as speed humps, making motorists aware of their speed will only reduce accidents and increase the stopping distance where there is possible conflict between motor vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

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