Invinca Speed Indicator Device Installed On Isle Of Wight

Client: Ringway, Island Roads

Location: Isle of Wight

Product: Invinca Speed Indicator Device (SID)

In 2018, Simmonsigns launched our Invinca Speed Indicator Device to further support authorities with their road safety strategies. Our robust device is an excellent tool that is particularly effective at targeting drivers whose speed has crept up due to lack of concentration or awareness of their surroundings.

Following a successful demonstration of our Invinca Speed Indicator Device with the authority's contractor, Ringway Island Roads, the first device was installed in August 2020 and the customer's feedback has been positive.  

Our Invinca Speed Indicator Device adds up to date radar technology using recognisable high definition graphics tailored to the customer's requirements. The device allows customers to amend speed thresholds and detection area quickly and easily. All of the data is collated and stored, and can be exported into Excel giving the user a complete picture of the speed activity on the road.

The IK09/IP55 rating, along with the various mounting options, make for adaptable and lasting installation and the device can even be retrofitted to an existing post as shown in the images.

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