Guardian Flex Height Warning System Installed At New Royal Mail Site

Client: Royal Mail, London

Product: Guardian Flex

Installation details: Officially known as the London Central, the Mount Pleasant site is operated by Royal Mail and is located in the London Borough of Islington. Mount Pleasant is an iconic building and Royal Mail has occupied the site since 1886.

The redevelopment at Mount Pleasant was an excellent opportunity for Simmonsigns to contribute to the regeneration of this historic building.

In November 2019, Simmonsigns were approached and asked to support the redevelopment project. We were asked to present solutions to protect the ramp and prevent large delivery lorries travelling into the lower ground level of the site which would present the risk of damage to both the ramp and the tunnel.

It was concluded that our Guardian Flex height warning system would be the best solution. As a bespoke product, the Guardian Flex meets all the specific needs of the project and was developed and installed for this iconic site. The unique design allows for individual warning panels to be replaced individually, if damaged, rather than having to replace an entire system, providing a cost effective and low maintenance long term solution.

The Guardian Flex is a durable and highly visible height restriction warning device that is used to advise motorists of any height restrictions ahead. The solution has a reboundable design that returns to its original position should a motorist ignore the highly visible chevrons. The reflective graphics provide additional visual warning and meet the requirements of BS8408:2005. 

Area Sales Manager, Duncan Wells, said “The Guardian Flex has proved to be an excellent product and has met the requirements of many of my customers. The ongoing maintenance is straightforward, highly effective & the product looks impressive, once installed. Previously, we have provided the Guardian Flex at the Eurotunnel Site, Heathrow Airport and the approaches to both the Dartford & Blackwall tunnels. It has been a real pleasure to add the Royal Mail to such a prestigious growing list of sites”.

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