Belisha Beacon Installed At Pedestrian Crossing Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

Client: Pedestrian Crossing Improvements in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Product: Modupost with Midustar beacon

Installation Details: Simmonsigns' Modustar and Midustar Belisha beacons have been installed to improved pedestrian safety with increased daytime visibility

This installation in Carrickfergus was an excellent example of the benefits this product can bring. Our beacons are lit with energy-efficient LEDs to bring improved visibility to both pedestrians and drivers.

With the low winter sun behind the crossing shining in the driver's eyes, the Midustar could still be seen flashing warning of the hazard ahead.

The photo below highlights our Modupost with additional 3m extension to allow for supplementary lighting where required. It also shows a non-illuminated Weebolflex safety bollard protecting the splitter island.

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