Modupost With Modustar Belisha Beacon Fitted Into NAL Retention Socket

Product: Modupost with Modustar Belisha beacon fitted into NAL Retention Socket

Customer: Coventry City Council

Location: Central Six Retail Park, Coventry

Coventry City Council’s Street Lighting Department has installed our Modupost at the city’s busy Central Six Retail Park. The new illuminated posts and beacons serve as a warning to drivers that pedestrians may be crossing the road. Each beacon has a highly visible, flashing LED globe on top of the post, and the column is fitted with illuminated white banding to ensure maximum visibility at all times.

The client has opted to install the beacons with the NAL Retention Socket, allowing for quick and simple installation and removal where necessary, especially in the event of a RTA. The socket is designed to provide this easy access for the highway engineers and sits flush to the ground, ensuring the pavement is free of any trip hazard.

The feedback from Coventry City Council has been extremely positive. For more information about our illuminated Modupost and Belisha beacon range, or if you'd like further details about the NAL Retention Socket, please contact our team or call 01952 293333.