Belisha beacons upgraded to latest BSI standards

We are pleased to confirm that, as part of our dedication to improving road safety for everyone, all Simmonsigns’ Belisha beacons now meet the latest British standards.

Within ‘BS 8442:2022 Miscellaneous road traffic signs and devices – Requirements and test methods’, an upper luminance limit has been set of 1200 cd/m 2. All the Belisha beacons within our pedestrian crossing range – including the Modubel, Modustar, Midubel, Midustar and, our solar-powered Belisha beacon, Solabel – are BS 8442 compliant. The Star beacons also feature controls which enable customers to adjust the settings as required.

With pedestrian crossings being extremely vulnerable road areas, Belisha beacons are vital in alerting drivers and other road users of upcoming crossings. All Simmonsigns’ beacons use high intensity LEDs, offering outstanding day and night-time visibility, ensuring the beacons can be seen whatever the weather.

The Modustar and Midustar models feature flashing LED lights providing an extra level of high visibility so that drivers have plenty of warning to reduce their speed when approaching a crossing. We have also manufactured these beacons so that customers can dim the flashing globe if needed, as well as turn off the LED rays at night to suit local circumstances.

Ensuring customers are confident our products meet key safety standards is vital to us” explains Sales Director, Steve Keary. “Our in-house research and development team is constantly monitoring regulations and legislation so that we can upgrade our products to anticipate any changes. Meeting the new BS8442 standards for our beacons was a part of that ongoing process.

All our road safety products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Telford and we keep up with the latest developments to ensure our designs are always of the highest quality.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, please get in touch.

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