Are Your Subways & Underpasses Safe?

More people are walking or cycling to and from school or their place of work. And as the nights begin to draw in, it is vital that these routes are well lit and safe for everyone.

Simmonsigns has designed and developed a range of subway lighting solutions that aim to provide excellent lighting, minimal environmental impact, are vandal-resistant and easy to install. 

Our Safe-Way vandal-resistant urban lighting system is perfect for areas that require little ongoing maintenance but are vital to the local infrastructure that they perform all year round. The device is strong and versatile and can be installed on stairwells and underpasses which may be susceptible to vandalism.

Built using durable stainless steel, the subway light is certified IK10 and has a graffiti protection panel to guarantee performance at all times. The internals feature a highly efficient, low energy LED rated to IP65.

If you are looking for ways to ensure pedestrians and road users are kept safe this winter, take a look at our full list of road safety solutions or speak to one of our sales team today who will be happy to help.


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