Announcing the results of our latest customer survey. How did we do?

Our priority at Simmonsigns is to work closely with our customers and ensure we continue to provide an excellent service. 

To make sure we’re always on the right track, it is vital for us to listen to our customers and take all feedback on board. To do this, we regularly conduct surveys to assess our performance and gain valuable insight.

In our most recent survey, we are delighted to announce these results…

  1. Do Simmonsigns’ products offer value for money? 92.9% of customers agreed – “I have been using Simmonsigns’ products for years and never had any issues. Always quality.
  2. Are our products easy to install and maintain? 92.9% of customers agreed – “Excellent build quality
  3. Do you believe we provide a high quality level of customer service? 64.3% of customers strongly agreed – “We have an excellent working relationship
  4. Do you believe we are an ethical and trustworthy company? 85.7% of customers agreed – “Excellent service

What are we taking away from this?

Thank you to all our customers that took part in the survey. 

Whilst we are happy with the results from question three, we know there is always room for improvement. Providing an exceptional level of customer service is one of our biggest priorities which is why we want to improve on 64.3%. In order to do this, it’s important for us to review the reasons why this may not be quite as high as we would like.

For example, we know that some customers have missed a dedicated Sales Manager in the Midlands. Whilst we spent time finding the right person, some customers may not have not received as much personal contact as we would like. To rectify this, we recently appointed Scott Steadman who has hit the ground running and – as we know from feedback – is already making a positive impact.

At Simmonsigns, we have always prided ourselves on the customer service we offer and how we respond to customer issues or comments. This is vital to ensure we are delivering for our customers and we continue to earn their loyalty,” explained Steve Keary, Sales Director.

I believe this latest survey shows that we’ve definitely missed having a Sales Manager in the Midlands and we know our customers have too – because they told us so.

Steve added, “As well as providing valuable feedback for us to learn and take action from, the survey forms part of our ISO9001 certification. Our commitment to the accreditation shows how we focus on prioritising the needs of our customers with process and rigour.

Our customers and our levels of service are extremely important to us – which is why we are listening to your feedback and taking steps to improve. We will be repeating this survey very soon and we hope that our recent changes will be reflected within the results.

If you have any more feedback for us, there’s no need to wait until our next survey. Get in touch today and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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