Our road safety products are available for immediate delivery

Simmonsigns has a limited quantity of road safety products ready to be delivered across the country. We currently hold a small selection of finished goods including retroreflective bollards and sign lights available to support the market.

It is vitally important that your road safety equipment is well maintained and highly visible. That is why we have small numbers of stock ready to support your installation activity and knockdown requirements.

Our in-stock items ready for ordering includes our high quality Simbol and Weebol Flex safety bollards, Pulsa school patrol warning lights, Belisha Beacons & our popular LUA sign lighting system.

We offer solutions for safer roads and understand the need to support local authorities by supplying products that are ready to be used. All stock can be delivered within a matter of days depending on availability.

Our ‘ready to use’ stock can be ordered in small quantities from today. For any enquiries and information about ordering, please email sales@simmonsigns.co.uk or call Cheryl Bailey on 01952 217961.

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