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Guardian Flex

Over-height vehicle warning system

Ideal as part of a protection system for bridge and tunnel assets, the Guardian Flex is a durable height restriction warning device, used as a final stage in advising over-height vehicles that may have ignored earlier approach warnings. Guardian Flex presents drivers with a visual reference on the approach to a height restriction, followed by physical contact should the vehicle continue unheeded.

Features & Benefits

  • Reboundable Design
    Has proven field impact resistance, returns to original position and continues to function following impact
  • Modular Design
    Configurable to all site requirements
  • Tough UV stabilised polymer blade return unit
    Remains operational over a wide range of temperatures, including sub-zero
  • The blade return units are individually mounted
    Blades can be easily replaced if needed
  • Blades have undergone specialised treatment
    Superb adhesion of reflective graphics. Graphics meet BS 8408:2005
  • Low Impact
    Little or no damage to vehicles
  • Custom sizes
    Bespoke width and height to order

Please click here to download the feature and benefits sheet.

Guardian Flex

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